A review of the office space movie

a review of the office space movie Office space is a comedy movie about company workers that hate their jobs it is a workplace comedy written and directed by mike judge and was released in 1999.

The year 2016 won't be much of a year for realistic space movies, but apocalypse, beloved franchises like star wars and star trek, and romance on an interstellar stage will make for a year of. The movie office space, examines and critiques various organizational practices in our society it is a story about work life and the effects of bad management on the morale of the workers it is set in a high-tech company and the central character is a technical professional in the organization who. Workplace spoof is hilarious but filled with mature humor read common sense media's the office review, age rating, and parents guide.

a review of the office space movie Office space is a comedy movie about company workers that hate their jobs it is a workplace comedy written and directed by mike judge and was released in 1999.

And all that was left standing was one little movie that had been fatally undervalued by everyone, including its own writer-director and the studio that paid for it office space works not so. Office space was released in 1999 and more or less sank without a trace at the box office it was only more recently that the film gained its deserved cult status when it was released on home media formats. Movie reviews for office space find theaters info, movie times, watch trailers, buy movie tickets. Office space uses base fraternity humor apparently designed to reach collegians on the verge of trading keggers for cubicles.

Office space movie peter gibbons is computer programmer who at the ripe old age of 28 is having a mid-life crisis unable to endure another moment of the mind-numbing routine and petty annoyances that assault him day. Articles related to movie review: 'the belko experiment' is sort of like 'battle royale' meets 'office space' movie review: beauty and the beast makes the leap from animation. Read full review 90 but an honest-to-god movie with some fine, understated acting and a human heart the collapse of office space's second half is so. Give beavis and butt-head creator mike judge enough rope, and he may just hang himself in his first live-action outing, judge does a fair job at making sick jokes about corporate america, he just doesn't seem to make enough.

Note: movie reviews and comments posted on this page reflect personal opinions of our users we are not responsible for their content. Office space concerned the hell of wage slavery, a torturous lifetime spent in cubicles and retail establishments with little hope of escape in the movie, a group of lowly employees take on the man in various symbolic and humorous ways. Office space movie reviews & metacritic score: a comedy about the angst of suburban twenty-somethings in modern office life.

Mike judge's cult comedy office space was released in theaters 17 years ago on february 19 — and there still hasn't been another film that captures the lunacy and monotony of everyday. Office space is an irreverent comedy that makes fun of the inanities of work--particularly in a cubical-ed office where the bosses are morons (not that any of us have ever worked in such an environment, mind you. Office space, a knowing, somewhat slight, often hilarious sendup of cubicle culture, exploits the yuks in the chronic misery of those routinely exposed to the monotonous gray of corporate minds. Microsoft office is the application suite, available in a traditional standalone perpetual license form (not yet released for office 2016, with no release date specified) and through an office 365. Office space- analysis i think the movie is a good example of a business that lacks effective management system it lacks successful management because the relationship between the managers and employees are not very strong.

For all the absurd and ridiculous office space quotes and characters, the real strength of this film is that anyone who's ever worked in a corporate environment can relate to it on some level writer and director mike judge humorously captures the aspect that makes office life suck so bad - dealing. Office space illustrates the everyday lives of office workers who are confined to cubicles, passionless about their jobs, and oppressed by office managers the three main characters are software engineers who work for a company called initech. Tribute review for actor gary cole, born today september 20th office space, 1999 movie reviews directed by mike judge starring: ron livingston, jennifer aniston review by matt lohr synopsis: peter gibbons, thanks to a hypnotic suggestion, decides not to go to work at the same time his company is laying people off.

  • Office space price at: just the thought of having to go to the state unemployment office to stand in line with those scumbags or review for movie purchase.
  • Office space is a comedy movie released in 1999 it was written and directed by mike judge, the creator of king of the hill and beavis and butt-headthe movie was promoted using the tagline work sucks.

Movie reviews for office space mrqe metric: see what the critics had to say and watch the trailer. Office space is a 1999 comedy that has become a modern day comedy cult classic the film, written and directed by mike judge (beavis and butthead do america, extract), pokes fun at the dreary. The organization shown in the movie (initech) was clearly a case of multicultural environment comprised several identities, nationalities and different religions (eg samir is an arab muslim) in the light of contractual relationship among employees as well as employees with their organization, we. 4 lessons we can learn from the movie office space while the movie office space wasn't highly received in the box office back in 1999, it has since become a cult classic and given us some of the best one-liners around.

a review of the office space movie Office space is a comedy movie about company workers that hate their jobs it is a workplace comedy written and directed by mike judge and was released in 1999.
A review of the office space movie
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